40 dating Høje-Taastrup

In 1224 after partition of Tālava trade roads along the Gauja river became property of Livonian Brothers of the Sword who erected a castle which is today known as Valmiera Castle.

After the Battle of Saule in 1236 Valmiera Castle and nearby lands became the property of the newly established Livonian Order.

Valmiera's municipality has been involved a variety of projects to improve the quality of life in the region.

One of the largest projects is creating a garbage control system in northern Vidzeme.

Archeological evidence indicates the site was inhabited 9,000 years ago.Many new factories were built in the town and new settlements were growing on both banks of the river Gauja.During 1911-12 a narrow gauge railway line Ainaži-Valmiera-Smiltene was built thus making Valmiera a major transport hub.Valmiera was first mentioned as a town in a chronicle dating back to 1323.The actual founding of the town probably occurred at least 40 years earlier when the master of the Livonian Order Wilken von Endorp constructed a castle (Wolmar) and Catholic church on the banks of the river Gauja.

40 dating Høje-Taastrup

As of 2002, Valmiera had a population of 27,323, and in 2017 – 24,818.Valmiera lies at the crossroads of several important roads, 100 kilometres (62 miles) to the north-east from Riga, the capital of Latvia, and 50 km (31 mi) south of the border with Estonia. The name was derived from the Old German given name Waldemar or the Slavic name Vladimir.During the first quarter of the 20th century Valmiera also became a centre of culture and education as many schools were opened in the town. 40 dating Høje-Taastrup-1240 dating Høje-Taastrup-6040 dating Høje-Taastrup-19 Among them were the Vidzeme teachers seminary, women gymnasium and merchant school.In 1906 Municipal elections were held and Valmiera was one of the few towns in Latvia where Latvians won the majority of seats (18 of 24).

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