Casual treffen Jena

For the first time we sucessfully organized an evening poster session, in order to allow more participants to present and discuss their work.

The program was completed by three presentations from invited speakers: annual meeting of the German Young Geomorpholgists group (YG) was held in Fleckl (Warmensteinach, Fichtel Mountains, Bavaria).

Eine Vorexkursion (geleitet von Peter Fischer, Eichstätt) führte in den Donau-Auwald.

casual treffen Jena

Entsprechend der Thematik der AK-Tagung behandelten die Keynote-Vorträge periglaziale Hangsedimente und den Wert von Böden und Sedimenten als Umweltarchiv.Examples from the Eifel Mountains towards the lower Rhine Embayment, Western Germany”.A field trip to the surroundings of Heimbach-Hergarten was organized and held by Prof. The fieldtrip focused on the geologic architecture of the Eifel orogeny and geomorphologic imprints of Cenozoic tectonics including middle Pleistocene terraces and meander cutoff development The program for the next two days included 11 work-in-progress reports as well as reports from advanced Ph D-projects which were organized in three sessions (see attached report for details).This year, 24 Undergrads, Ph D Students, and Post Docs from 13 different Institutions/Universities gathered for three days to discuss their own research, as well as topics of geomorphic interest in general, in a rather informal environment.In addition to the presentations and discussions indoor, a hands-on workshop on the use of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) in geomorphology was held, where participants could familiarize with the methodology and equipment of this approach, and discuss geomorphological applications.

Casual treffen Jena

(Program2014) (Report2014) For the 8 annual meeting of the Jungen Geomorphologen we were gathering on the island of Usedom, on the coast of the Baltic Sea.For the first time the meeting was held in English in order to open it for the international community of young geomorphologists.Ein weiterer Keynote-vortrag behandelte die Wissenschaftsförderung in Deutschland. casual treffen Jena-16casual treffen Jena-65 Die Wanderung führte durch den Thüringischen Muschelkalk und Buntsandstein.An afternoon field trip was organized on Saturday, during which geomorphological aspects of the Fichtel Mountains, their land-use and mining history were introduced by Mathias Will (Uni Exeter).

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