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Lübeck – the former capital and Queen City of the Hanseatic League – was founded in the 12th century and prospered until the 16th century as the major trading centre for northern Europe.

It has remained a centre for maritime commerce to this day, particularly with the Nordic countries.

To the west, the richest quarters with the trading houses and the homes of the rich merchants are located, and to the east, small commerces and artisans.

The very strict socio-economic organization emerges through the singular disposition of the Buden, small workshops set in the back courtyards of the rich hares, to which access was provided through a narrow network of alleyways (Gänge).

The overall impression of the Old Town is reinforced by individual architectural highlights of ecclesiastical and profane character, whereas the combined effect is revealed through the unique town silhouette with the seven high church towers.على الرغم من الأضرار التي لحقت بها خلال الحرب العالمية الثانية، لا تزال بنية المدينة القديمة قائمة بمقرات النبلاء التي تعود إلى القرنين الخامس عشر والسادس عشر وبنصبها العامة (لا سيما الباب الشهير المعزز المصنوع من القرميد القادم من هولتنستور) وكنائسها ومخازن الملح فيها. В наше время Любек остается центром морской торговли, в основном со странами Северной Европы. kostenloser online chat Berlin source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 吕贝克,汉萨同盟(the Hanseatic League)的前首都和皇后城,建于公元12世纪,作为北欧的重要商业中心曾一度繁荣, 直到16世纪。今天,这里仍是海上商贸中心(尤其与北欧国家的海上贸易)。尽管在第二次世界大战中受到了一定的损毁,这座老城的基本城市结构还是保留了下来,这点从15世纪至16世纪建造的贵族居所,历史古迹(如著名的豪斯顿砖门)、教堂和盐场等都能够看出来。 source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 Любек, бывшая столица и главный город Ганзейского союза, был основан в XII в. Несмотря на повреждения, нанесенные во время Второй мировой войны, сохранилась структура Старого города, где находятся относящиеся к XV-XVI вв.The first area extends from the Burgkloster in the north to the quarter of St Aegidien in the south.The Burgkloster, a Dominican convent built in fulfilment of a vow made at the battle of Bornhöved (1227), contains the original foundations of the castle built by Count Adolf von Schauenburg on the Buku isthmus.

Date seiten Lübeck

Either virtual hosting account or dedicated server is home for this company.Server that hosts located in Germany on exact coordinates 51 (latitude) and 9 (longitude). Located at the heart of the medieval city, the third area around St Mary’s Church, the Town Hall, and the Market Square bear the tragic scars of the heavy bombing suffered during the Second World War. date seiten Lübeck-70date seiten Lübeck-34 Criterion (iv): As outstanding examples of types of buildings, the most authentic areas of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck exemplify the power and the historic role of the Hanseatic League.The Koberg site preserves an entire late 18th-century neighbourhood built around a public square bordered by two important monuments, the Jakobi Church and the Heilig-Geist-Hospital.

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