Dating d Odder

Grain Silo on pier 13 is designed by Sverre Aasland and Arne Korsmo for Christiansands Mills and is characterized as an "outstanding, independent and architectural work completed," and was awarded funds Houen diploma in 1939.The new Kilden Performing Arts Centre is built next door and was opened in 2012.It was built in the years 1800 to 1807 and is under restoration.At times, Odderøya has been closed to the public due to military activity.

dating d Odder

Meanwhile, defenders at Odderøya got a confusing message about not firing on British or French warships.There are a large number of former gun emplacements around the island from varying periods of time for cannons, machine guns, and mortars. singels Wiesbaden Most recently, the island was closed to the public from 1940 until 23 June 1992, after the Odderøya Fort was closed.The city's sewage treatment plant is located in a tunnel into the rock near the lighthouse.There is also a staircase up and down from the lighthouse to the southern part of Odderøya.

Dating d Odder

The fortress returned the cannon fire from the German warships and attacks by Luftwaffe bombers.The attack against Kristiansand and Arendal consisted of the light cruiser Karlsruhe, three torpedo boats, and seven smaller vessels, one mothership, and around 1,000 soldiers.Three times between and in the morning, the German forces tried to penetrate and to put troops ashore, but whenever they chose to turn because of shelling from Odderøya.One of the grenades from Karlsruhe missed the fortress.Since the municipality took over the island, it has been a popular excursion and hiking area.

At 9 April 1940, eight Norwegian soldiers lost their lives in the battle against German aircraft and warships during the invasion of Norway in Operation Weserübung at Odderøya Fortress.

When the German force attacked again, one of the signal flags was confused with a French flag, and therefore the fire from the fortress was withheld.

When the force was landed, it met no resistance, and the Norwegian commander surrendered the fortress.

South of the harbor area is the steepest part of Odderøya.

There is a strolling route down to the Odderøya Lighthouse from the western battery.

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