Dating danmark Vesthimmerlands

If you are a wage earner, your employer will as a rule see to it that part of your wage is paid into a pension scheme.

You may be entitled to state pension when you reach the state pension age.The rules depend, among other things, on the country you live in, and on whether you already receive state pension or whether you are going to apply for state pension.If you want to know more about state pension, you may contact Udbetaling Danmark if you live in Denmark.Please contact your pension company, your pension fund or your financial institution if you want to learn more about your labour market pensions.However, special rules may apply to you, for example if you have lived in an EU/EEA Member State, Switzerland or a country with which Denmark has concluded a special agreement.

Dating danmark Vesthimmerlands

If this is not the case, you may be entitled to a smaller proportion of the full state pension.Special rules may apply to you if you are a refugee.Please contact Udbetaling Danmark International Pension if you live abroad and if you want to apply for Danish state pension.Once a year, Udbetaling Danmark readjusts your state pension in order to ensure that you have received the right amount to which you were entitled for the year (2015).You must, for example, inform ​​Udbetaling Danmark if you move abroad, if there are changes to your income, or if you travel abroad so much that it impacts on your pension.

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