Dating Morsø

CANCERBest days overall: 3-4-12-13-22-23-30Continue to pay close attention to your health. Abnormal aches and pains are most likely to be happening because of lower than usual energy from not eating enough or not eating the right food.

It is good now to evaluate your personal circumstances and see what pisses you off and what can be improved. If you have a toxic living arrangement you can always move backhome.

The problem is that there is too much of a good thing like eating too much Cannoli - it can give you gas.

Your willingness to travel is important for your success.Resist the temptation to speculate or run after a quick buck.VIRGOBest days overall: 7-8-17-18-26-27Prosperity is happening, Virgo, but there may be a few more glitches to get through before you can go full steam ahead.You will get your way this month which you obviously like but watch you don't push around the wrong person or you will face the consequences later on down the road.It’s time to get more involved with the family and make sure you getenough to eat.

Dating Morsø

Finances are good this month, though more complicated than usual. Avoid making major financial decisions, major purchases or investments – from the 9th onwards.Financial intuition becomes important – except it needs verification during this period.Awards In May 2005, Morso was presented with the Art Business Today Honours Award, given in this centenary year of Art Business Today, to the company who have made the biggest impact in the last one hundred years in the Art and Framing Industry.People who work in the wood working and picture framing industry around the world know, that Morso Mitring Machines has been making picture framing easier for more than a century.GEMINIBest days overall: 1-10-11-19-20-21-28-29Not a great month for romance.

Stay away from those boys and girls that are not so nice and spend more time with your friends and family.

ARIESBest days overall: 5-6-14-15-16-24-25A happy month ahead Aries, enjoy but not too much. Many nice things are happening both in love and finance, so make sure you keep your place tidy and wear clean underwear. I know you think you do all the time but this month is good.

Something good, an opportunity, might seem to leave you, but it will return. Maybe a good time tofinally meet a nice girl or a nice boy.

Financial tips will come in from your paisan's but you should confirm these 'tips' with other sources like priests, your papa, your mamma, your uncle, nonna, nonno, etc.

It’s time to get more involved with the family and make sure you get enough to eat.

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