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The digital publication facilitates better use of the materials, since more researchers than in the past have the opportunity to use the collection as a body of sources.Digitisation will hopefully mean that the collection will continue to provide a significant basis for research and new publications.

dating sites danmark Svendborg

In June 2013, the project’s first parts were published: the digitised written source materials and the chronicle of Medieval Aarhus.The compendium is scheduled for publication in 2015. 1954) MA (Hist.) and Curator of the National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. online dating danmark Halsnæs Since 2001, he has chaired the board of the Danish Centre for Urban History, and from 2002 has been adjunct associate professor of history at Aarhus University.In 2011, when Aarhus City Council decided that Aarhus City Museum was to be closed down, and the city museum collections transferred to the National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture, completion of the chronicle of Medieval Aarhus was one of the projects we were keen to see through in time.At that stage, the idea arose of making the collections of written sources from all ten cities available in an online database, using the punched card technology of the day.

Dating sites danmark Svendborg

As such, the work will be of value to all historical and Medieval archaeology research centres, including the country’s museums of cultural heritage, and generally for anyone with an interest in the field.More specifically, it will be of use to urban planners and municipal administrations in their preservation of Medieval cultural landscapes and heritage assets.The latter, “Middelalderbyen Aarhus”, was co-authored by curator Connie Jantzen, MA, and Medieval archaeologist Karin Poulsen, MA. dating sites danmark Svendborg-78 The work was structured like other publications in the series, and the focus was primarily on topographical conditions and the factors that influenced the city’s physical development: trade, the economy, landscape factors, waterways, settlement patterns and public institutions.With its three towns—Aeroskobing, Marstal and Soby—this dynamic island balances tourist amenities with commercial life: farming, shipping, ship repair, and sustainable energy.

We were a few days late for the accordion festival and too early for the summer classical music season held at Sobygaard, a restored manor with moat and drawbridge built by Duke Hans the Younger in 1580.The compendium will serve both to round off the Urban History of Medieval Denmark project, and as an independent monograph.Finally, there is the hope that the publication will inspire follow-up research on subsequent eras so that Denmark may achieve a complete national urban history; a deeply held wish on the part of historians for many years.Just south of Gammel Hestehave, by a course centre car park, stands …Just south of Gammel Hestehave, by a course centre car park, stands a large stone decorated with over 100 cup marks.

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