Dating unge Allerød

The Younger Dryas saw a sharp decline in temperature over most of the northern hemisphere, at the end of the Pleistocene epoch, immediately before the current warmer Holocene.

Leaves of Dryas octopetala are occasionally abundant in the Late Glacial, often minerogenic-rich, like the lake sediments of Scandinavian lakes.

the Allerød clay pit in Denmark, first recognized and described the Younger Dryas.The cold period, which occurred within the Bølling oscillation, is known as the intra-Bølling cold period (ICBP) and the cold period, which occurred within the Allerød oscillation, is known as the intra-Allerød cold period (ICAP ).Both of these cold periods are comparable in duration and intensity with the Older Dyras and began and ended quite abruptly. It is named after an indicator genus, the alpine-tundra wildflower Dryas octopetala.It was the most recent and longest of several interruptions to the gradual warming of the Earth's climate since the severe Last Glacial Maximum, c. The change was relatively sudden, taking place in decades, and resulted in a decline of 2 to 6 degrees Celsius, advances of glaciers and drier conditions, over much of the temperate northern hemisphere.

Dating unge Allerød

According to these changes, the Younger Dryas occurred as early as c.12,900–13,100 calendar years ago along latitude 56–54°N.The end of the Younger Dryas has been dated to around 11550 years ago, occurring at 10000 years ago (uncalibrated radiocarbon year), a "radiocarbon plateau" by a variety of methods, with mostly consistent results: Although the start of the Younger Dryas is regarded to be synchronous across the North Atlantic region, recent research concluded that the start of the Younger Dryas might be time-trangressive even within this region.After an examination of laminated varve sequences, Muschitiello and Wohlfarth found that the environmental changes that define the beginning of the Younger Dryas are diachronous in their time of occurrence according to latitude.They argue that Younger Dryas events might be an intrinsic feature of deglaciations that occur at the end of glacial periods.

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