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Highly cultivated and deeply interested in the sciences, she formed a small book collection in her Berlin years.

In Bayreuth, she continued to collect books from at least 1737.

The collection includes about 19,000 letters and drafts of letters from 2,200 scholars of the 16th to the 18th century.Apart from most of the Greek and Roman classics in French translation and French belles lettres from the Renaissance era up to Wilhemine′s own lifetime, the collection comprises theological and philosophical works, in particular philosophy of religion and church history. As for geography, there is only travel writing, remarkably without a single book on Franconia.Only a few bibles and a book on the architecture of castles are in German.The catalogue lists 4,226 volumes, almost all in French.It is mainly historical literature, with a strong focus on ancient and early modern history. The majority of the volumes are historical sources, biographies, or memoirs.

Erlangen dating

Please send one specimen copy of the publication free of charge. There are also 55 volumes of Hebraica which were written by Christians and a wide range of philological literature, dealing with Ethiopean, Arab, Greek, Japanese, Persian and Syrian works.Show Collection The ″Wagenseil library″ consists of about 300 printed books that have been collected by Johann Christian Wagenseil (1633-1705), professor of law and Oriental languages at the University of Altdorf. The ″Wagenseil library″ focuses on bibles (bilingual or multilingual editions), Talmud, grammar books and dictionaries.Most of the volumes are bound in brown calf with the gilt-stamped supra libros of the Princess – her initials FSW (Friederike Sophie Wilhelmine) below the Prussian royal crown. Erlangen dating-67 For any use or publication, particularly the disclosure to third parties, you will need a permit from the University Library. The Wagenseil collection includes over 150 Hebraica, that means books of Jews for Jews in Hebrew script.Over several decades he gathered 34,000 books, relating mainly to medicine and science, 19,000 scholarly letters dating from the 16th through the 18th centuries, as well as an extensive natural history collection, which he bequeathed to Altdorf University.

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During his lifetime, he gave 3,000 duplicates of books that were already in Altdorf University to Erlangen University.

The digital collection is constantly being updated.

To subscribe to the RSS feed please click library of Christoph Jacob Trew, an 18th century physician and scientist of Nuremberg, is one of the largest private collections of science books in the German-speaking countries.

Trew had also bought letters and complete bundles for his collection from scientists and scholars deceased long ago or acquired important pieces by way of exchange or donation.

The Trew collection of letters is considered to be one of the most famous medical-scientific letter collections of the 18th century in German-speaking countries.

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