Gay dating danmark Glostrup

We also owe a debt to psychologist Per Svarre Rasmussen who contributed to testing our questionnaire material in a pilot study in advance of the survey itself.

These people have had no opportunity for a private life in which their sexuality could develop within a framework of emotional security.Finally, special thanks to David Sansome for his professional assistance during the final stages of editing. The fact that very few reports on the autistic syndrome have focused on sexual problems is probably due to the general tendency in society to ignore or even suppress sexuality as a natural and integrated part of personality development. netdating dk Egedal This applies both to the non-handicapped part of the population, and in particular – to the handicapped part.We would like to express our gratitude to the many parents who consented to the gathering of information about the sexual behaviour of their sons and daughters and to the many staff members who passed this information on to us.Our thanks to also to the many consultants who provided us with qualified feedback on the design of our survey: Preben Hertoft, Psychiatrist, The Sexological Clinic, National Hospital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

Gay dating danmark Glostrup

The survey is the first of its kind in both a national and international context. Foreward This report describes a nation-wide survey of sexual behaviour in young people and adults with autism.Torben Isager, Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatry Out-Patient department, Nordvang, Glostrup. gay dating danmark Glostrup-76gay dating danmark Glostrup-43gay dating danmark Glostrup-10 Tina Harmon, School Consultant Psychologist, County School Psychology Department in the County of Copenhagen.When one realises how sexuality influences the human emotions and behaviour, it is obvious that this topic should be given more attention.

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