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The bachelor's programme (BSc) in General Engineering is a new international BSc programme at DTU.

At the beginning of the programme, you are required to take a number of mandatory courses such as mathematics, physics and chemistry and you will experience the engineering spirit through design/build projects.Programme structure and content The programme’s first two semesters consist of mandatory courses. Partnersuche Emphasis is placed on the basic natural science courses mathematics, physics, and chemistry with a technical bias, and design/build projects.During the first semester there is an obligatory joint part, in which you receive instruction within three general areas: Design, Business and Technology.Then, during the second semester, you choose an area of interest from the profiles: Fashion design or fashion marketing.

Gratis dating Vallensbæk

During the second and third semesters, you must also choose two of the four courses that introduce you to one of the study programme’s four areas of specialization.These will help you choose the direction for further specialization.You will be able to enter into international negotiations with business partners and gain product knowledge.You enter into a ten-week internship in a business in either Denmark or abroad.Entry Requirements You can apply for the programme on the basis of a Danish qualifying exam, or an equivalent international exam.

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In addition to having a upper secondary education leaving exam, you must have specific levels in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

In the final part of the programme you will specialize in one of the subject areas ‘living systems’, ‘cyber systems’, ‘cyber materials’ or ‘future energy’.

Depending on your choice of specialization, you can continue your studies on a wide range of MSc programmes at DTU or other universities or pursue a career internationally.

You will also be an intern in a business in which you can try out your competencies in practice. STRUCTURE OF THE PROGRAMME You learn to understand the design process and gain knowledge about value philosophy and aesthetics.

You gain an understanding of the connection between business, trade and communication.

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