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But will it be Caleb Johnson, the rocker, or Jena Irene, the radio-friendly pop diva? Check out the result of the "American Idol" poll we ran yesterday before the dueling songmasters faced off on stage: 64% of respondents say Jena Irene will triumph, leaving Caleb banging his bruised noggin against a wall, saying, "Hey, where are all the supporters people say I have? We think there's a difference between the raging pundits of the blogosphere (young males who rock out on air guitars) and the sweet 16 girls who do the actual voting. Caleb and Jena also reprised their best performances of the season.

Yes, often those lasses pick guys with real guitars on stage, but those tend to be trim males of chiseled jaw and heartthrob swagger. Now it is time for you to make your prediction and compete against other Gold Derb. (While that was the case with Jena, Caleb should have gone with "Skyfall.") And then of course they performed the winner's single. Are you struggling to breathe, or are you so used to the brothers dying and then not dying at this point that you're just like, "whatevs, no big deal?

The three judges will finally perform together."It was a blast," Harry Connick Jr.

The performance finale at the Nokia Theatre featured major contrasts - the old-school rocker with mega pipes against the teen powerhouse and first-ever wild-card pick to make it this far - as well as more drama than usual, as Johnson battled not only Irene but also an injured vocal cord.On the American Idol i Tunes Chart for May 21, 2014, Season 13 finalist Jena Irene leads the way at #78 with her single ‘We Are One’. Over the course of 13 seasons and multiple judge lineups, the show has continued to launch numerous music careers - plus, an Oscar winner. sex dating seite kostenlos Oberhausen She is the only American Idol single in the » Ratings suggest that most of America skipped Tuesday's performance finale for "American Idol." If you're just tuning in for Wednesday's two hours of guest appearances and very limited results, here's what you missed on Tuesday. To prove the show and its stars have grown, we took the powers of Photoshop and matched the famous faces of American Idol with their younger selves. All photo illustrations by Tiffany Hagler-Geard and Linzi Silverman for During the two-hour live show - which featured performances by Kiss, Demi Lovato, Paramore and all three of the show's judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.- Seacrest braved the Nokia Theater stage to sing the first few lines of "Right Here Waiting" before being » - Patrick Gomez The American Idol results show tonight (May 21, 2014) is the season finale and will produce a winner, will Jena Irene or Caleb Johnson be crowned champion?

Jena irene single

Of the two contestants, Caleb has avoided the bottom three or bottom two during the results show all season long. We begin with intercutting between Caleb & Jena's audition experiences in The Box and their introduction to 7,000 squealing fans at the Nokia Theatre.Jena was in the bottom three early on, but has come on strong and seems to have a lot of momentum. Click through and follow along for two hours of live-blogging! The night's first performance finds Caleb head-banging to Queen's "We Will Rock You," leading into Jena working the crowd on "I'm Just A Girl." Jena gets dancers. They join together for a fire-filled duet on "It's Only Love." So much fire. Ryan's gone strict black-tie tonight after last night's white jacket. » - Daniel Fienberg As Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene battle in Wednesday night's American Idol finale, let's take a look at how far the Fox series' past contestants have come.Each sang three songs: a pick from Idol creator Simon Fuller, a contestant's choice and the original song that would be the crowned champ's debut single. Jena irene single-69 » - Wade Rouse After 75,000 auditions, hundreds of Golden Tickets and countless performances, it came down to two - Caleb Johnson vs.» - Wade Rouse Welcome to the first half of the "American Idol" finale. » - Daniel Fienberg Caleb Johnson hopes to be crowned the next American Idol, but first he has to get through Tuesday night's performance finale.

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