Koblenz dating

The Romans built two castles as protection for the bridge, one in 9 AD and another in the 2nd century, the latter being destroyed by the Franks in 259.North of Koblenz was a temple of Mercury and Rosmerta (a Gallo-Roman deity), which remained in use up to the 5th century.After World War I, France occupied the area once again.In defiance of the French, the German populace of the city has insisted on using the more German spelling of Koblenz since 1926.

Koblenz dating

Its defensive works are extensive, and consist of strong forts crowning the hills encircling the city to the west, and the citadel of Ehrenbreitstein on the opposite bank of the Rhine.The old city was triangular in shape, two sides being bounded by the Rhine and Mosel and the third by a line of fortifications. umsonst poppen Leverkusen The latter were razed in 1890, and the city was permitted to expand in this direction.In 837, it was assigned to Charles the Bald, and a few years later it was here that Carolingian heirs discussed what was to become the Treaty of Verdun (843), by which the city became part of Lotharingia under Lothair I.In 860 and 922, Koblenz was the scene of ecclesiastical synods.

Koblenz dating

With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the city was conquered by the Franks and became a royal seat.After the division of Charlemagne's empire, it was included in the lands of his son Louis the Pious (814).In 925, it became part of the eastern German Kingdom, later the Holy Roman Empire.In 1018, the city was given by the emperor Henry II to the archbishop-elector of Trier after receiving a charter.It remained in the possession of his successors until the end of the 18th century, having been their main residence since the 17th century. In 1198, the battle between Philip of Swabia and Otto IV took place nearby.

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In 1216, prince-bishop Theoderich von Wied donated part of the lands of the basilica and the hospital to the Teutonic Knights, which later became the Deutsches Eck.During World War II it was the location of the command of German Army Group B and like many other German cities, it was heavily bombed and rebuilt afterwards.Between 19, it served as the seat of government of Rhineland-Palatinate.The Army of Condé joined with an allied army of Prussian and Austrian soldiers led by Duke Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand of Brunswick in an unsuccessful invasion of France in 1792.This drew down the wrath of the First French Republic on the archbishop-elector; in 1794, Coblenz was taken by the French Revolutionary army under Marceau (who was killed during the siege), and, after the signing of the Treaty of Lunéville (1801) it was made the capital of the new French départment of Rhin-et-Moselle. The Congress of Vienna assigned the city to Prussia, and in 1822, it was made the seat of government for the Prussian Rhine Province.

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