No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood

St George’s Hospital chief executive Greg Brooks said Forte’s arrival raised some difficult questions about the future.

No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood

It includes both a weekly audio podcast, a video podcast, and a blog.It will be targeting the biggest volume of surgery in the market – the short-stay, less-complex procedures – from four key specialties: ear, nose and throat, urology, orthopaedics and gynaecology. Schnelle bekanntschaft com It is understood all of the city’s urologists, at least half of its orthopaedic surgeons and all but one ear, nose and throat surgeon are shareholders in the venture.The cost of running short-stay facilities was considerably less to other hospitals and New Zealand Medical Association chairman Dr Mark Peterson said Forte’s costs must reflect “that they are a lower-risk facility”.“If they are charging the same rates for a lower acuity facility, I might have some concerns about that,” he said.

No single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood

“We are all waiting to see what will happen.” Forte Health chairman David Barker said the hospital had grown out of the earthquake-damaged Oxford Clinic and that it would be “replacing and enhancing competition” in the private market that was lost as a result of the quake.Forte surgeons would continue to operate in the public sector and at the city’s other two private hospitals, he said.Forte Health, the multimillion-dollar specialist, short-stay hospital owned entirely by surgeons, is two months from opening and is already causing controversy.The newcomer’s 25 shareholders are all specialist surgeons – absorbing every urologist in Christchurch, half of the city’s orthopaedic surgeons and most of its ear, nose and throat specialists, The Press understands.The newcomer will soak up hundreds of surgeries and million of dollars of revenue from their books.

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Forte is less than two months off opening and questions have started to circle on the ethics of a private hospital owned entirely by surgeons who will have a vested interest in directing patients toward their hospital for financial gain.The shareholder-surgeons were aware of their ethical responsibilities and would only direct patients toward Forte “if their surgery is suited to that environment”, Barker said.Ian Powell, a senior doctors’ spokesman speaking in a personal capacity, said Forte was defining a niche within the market by targeting less complex surgeries, but “if I was in St George’s chair, I would see that as cherry-picking”.The three-storey hospital will have 14 patient beds, four operating theatres and in excess of 100 staff and clinicians.It is the most competitive beast to enter Christchurch’s private-health sector and, with the countdown on for open day, the city’s two existing private hospitals, St George’s and Southern Cross, are starting to sweat.

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