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Saiunkoku Monogatari Written by Yukino Sai Illustrated by Yura Kairi The prince, Ryuuki, was coronated six months ago at the age of nineteen.He shows no interest in governing, spending all his time wandering the palace at random.

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He was born with incredibly strong psychic powers that affect physical objects and electrical machines.They only lived together for three years before Lucifard's mother took him with her to live in space as a bounty hunter.O2 never showed much affection for his son, except for one time when Lucifard was kidnapped by scientists.Since the previous Howaluu leader suicided when the former White Dragon died, neither Max nor his uncle knows the identity of his successor.However, Max is able to pick him out of a crowd of Howaluu by his gaze.

Partnervermittlung secret aus breslau

Ao no Kiseki Story by Kunoh Chiaki Illustrations by Oki Mamiya Sanshirou awakens from a year of coldsleep on his first "Paradise Flight." He is part of the four-member crew in charge of the second shift of a three-year journey.His anticipation turns to dismay when he discovers that his assigned "buddy" is male.On top of that, he has gained a reputation for sharing the bed of a different servant every night--and only male servants.His ministers and advisors are desperate to whip him into shape and make a proper emperor of him, but nothing they do has any effect.Shouka should have been living in luxury in Kou District as the head of the family, but he turned down the position and went to live in the capital instead.

He was given a job at the palace with a respectable (though considered by most to be useless) title--Imperial Archivist--and a salary fitting for his rank.

Although the question of sexual orientation is a thing of the past for most people, Sanshirou has an old-fashioned preference for women.

Further analysis of the Federation computer's mistake in choosing his partner is forestalled as an alarm sounds.

Four Dragon Island Story by Shindo Tatsuki Illustrations by Asami Yuu The rightful heir to the position of White Dragon, Maximilian, is being challenged by his corrupt uncle.

According to centuries-old tradition, in order to be recognized as lord, the White Dragon must win the support of the leader of the Howaluu, a group of street toughs who maintain order in the red light district.

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