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The reality show was a way to get his name out there, and that's one of the reasons he did it, much to the chagrin of his family and most likely the Chiefs front office."I think it's all bulls---," Kelce's dad, Ed, says in a phone call from their hometown of Cleveland. He insists there will not be a Season 2 of "Catching Kelce," but here's the deal: Kelce is a showman, he's Hollywood in the heartland, and something else is bound to come along.He says he wants his next TV venture to be on "The Price Is Right," because the Plinko game, according to Kelce, is "a modern roulette." It's hard to tell whether he's serious."I feel like my brand goes as I play football," Kelce says.Kelce caught a career-high 11 passes for 160 yards -- he was targeted 12 times -- but his most impressive plays did not involve stats.He delivered two blocks that produced two touchdowns.

He was virtually unstoppable in the final seven games of the season, catching 43 passes for 659 yards.But Kelce is sort of the GQ version of Gronk, a polished 27-year-old who is parts hipster and lumberjack. He is well-aware of his brand and the constraints of building it in a small-market town where one of the first things you see on the drive from the airport is a building adorned with a statue of a bull.When Kelce gets compared to Gronk, it's hard to tell whether he's humbled or a little weary of it. He calls Gronkowski "one hell of a player." But Kelce wants to chart his own identity. It was an opportunity to go out there, and if nothing else, show producers he can take direction and do what he's told. I didn't like 'The Apprentice,' I don't like 'The Bachelor,' and I sure as hell did not like 'Catching Kelce.' But nobody is asking my opinion of that."Kelce says he and show winner Maya Benberry broke up in early December.It wasn't necessarily the best news for the Bearcats' defense. His hard work earned him his scholarship in 2011, when Jason went off to the NFL.Alex Hoffman, one of Kelce's old teammates, called 2010 the redemption year for Kelce. Jason downplays his role in helping his brother and says it wasn't a big deal."Of course he's going to say that," Travis says.

Rob hoffman dating

(His ribs weren't really broken.)So now there was Travis years later, devastated that football might be over, and Jason there to pick him up off the floor.Butch Jones, who was Cincinnati's coach at the time, eventually let Travis play on the scout team in the fall of 2010, without a scholarship.Bajakian works with Jameis Winston, and he sees similarities between Winston and Kelce: the talent, the emotion and the tendency to let competitiveness get the best of them. The coach followed Jones to Tennessee in 2013, and as Bajakian gathered his new players in a meeting room, he asked for a show of hands of those who thought they worked hard.Bajakian coached Kelce at Cincinnati and got on him when Kelce played past the whistles. Dozens of hands went up, and then Bajakian popped in a video. If you think you play hard, Bajakian told them, look at this guy.He had four straight 100-yard games, one shy of an NFL record.

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In that same time frame, Kelce has:"At the end of the day," Kelce says, "I feel like if you're not having fun with what you do, there's really not much of a point to be doing it."Kelce's 6-foot-5, 260-pound size, along with his speed, athleticism and supersized personality, have drawn comparisons to New England's Rob Gronkowski.

People at Cincinnati say Kelce was so talented that he probably could have played on the football, basketball and baseball teams. It was quite a collection of characters in that house -- Derek Wolfe, future defensive end for the Denver Broncos; Jason Kelce, now a center for the Philadelphia Eagles; and Zach Collaros, now a quarterback in the CFL.

While they prepared for the 2010 season, Travis took a telemarketing job and sat in a tiny cubicle doing surveys on Obamacare.

He never had to struggle that much."There is a story about the first time Travis beat Jason in basketball, which also marked their last fistfight. Jason, furious he lost, got into a scuffle with his brother in the middle of the kitchen.

Travis, at least for a moment, got the better of his brother, picking him up and throwing him on his back.

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