Senior date Billund

Whilst the town dates from medieval times, it still only had 500 inhabitants in the 1950s, yet by the beginning of the 1970s the population increased to over 2000 people, most of whom were young families relocating to work for the company.

The women too met through LEGO, as Birte and Jette’s husband were colleagues.

Visiting Billund usually means visiting Legoland, and its famous miniland buildings, but there is also a real-life, full-scale town attached.

Home to over 6000 inhabitants, the town in southern Denmark hosts the LEGO group headquarters and its theme park, so understandably one would expect to see rows of brightly colored brick houses and perhaps even to shake the u-shaped hands of the yellow-faced actors starring in the latest LEGO movie. Arriving from Billund Airport, the second biggest in Denmark, there’s little to indicate the city’s close relationship with the world-renowned toy brand.

Just next to the company’s headquarters, there is a Lego land theme park, which was opened in 1968. Other attractions of the town include the Centre Mobilium, which is composed of three museums: an Aviation Museum, a Motor Museum and the Falck Museum.// A really useful category would be 'staging' if staging too.I've left the MOOOI one here for reference // This is for everywhere...“LEGO is buying a lot of shops around here [the center],” told me Kristina “They recently bought the local pub, actually”.The pub was later demolished to make space for the LEGO house, an ambitious project aiming at providing the city with a “LEGO experience center” by 2016.

Senior date Billund

The only hint can be found looking up to the airport’s ceiling, from which hangs a green planet made of LEGO, with its own LEGO-built satellite.Once on the bus, tourists can finally get a glimpse of the colorful LEGO universe they probably came to Billund to see: Legoland, the LEGO production studio, the LEGO company and yes, even small yellow figurines!Although most of the people in Billund have some sort of attachment to the company, the new building developments have caused some controversies.Real-life building comes at a cost higher than that of a box of plastic bricks.The city is also surrounded by smaller villages, which each has its own unique story and life. The town is served by Billund Airport which is the second busiest airport in Denmark. Rent a car with Economy Car Rentals and discover Billund.

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