Single bars vienna

This has gone as far as paying I know it because I happen to be often drunk on weekends and use a taxi just as often to change venues or to drive home.

And since I am obviously not Austrian and look foreign enough and since I am drunk enough to look like a victim they try to bring me to those small bars/nightclubs.

There are a bunch of places in Vienna that are really worth the visit for us punters. If you want to meet the best looking girls in Vienna, those are your go-to-places: Now this is an important post and I would like you to share it and link to it and tell people about it.At first It is real fun to listen to how strongly the taxi drivers seem to feel about these bars. kontakt gratis Heidelberg Expressions like Well, so far so good, if they talk about Babylon or any other great place I will list below.If there’s no time for a trip to a (suburban wine tavern), an excellent introduction to Viennese and Austrian wines can be had under the roof of WEIN & CO, a wine merchant/bar whose city-wide branches have a reputation for drawing in thirtysomethings on the pull. In general it has been a common thing for bars, saunas and nightclubs to pay commission to taxi drivers who bring them wealthy and often drunk customers for many many years in Vienna.

Single bars vienna

So it seems that for a single person he drives to he receives 50€ Cash and for the second one 30 or 25… Now, my fellow punters, what does it mean if a bar pays 50€ for a single guy for being driven over?Exactly, it means once you are in there, you are basically screwed without rubber in between!” I am sure he was instructed to shut up at this point but he seemed confused and stumbled “not so much, I just want you to have a good time…” He didn’t say that exactly because his English was mediocre at best but that was the gist of it.So I asked him again and after a while of me insulting him real bad he decided to calm me down by telling me the truth. if he manages to convince a group of 3 of well dressed and wealthy looking guys to Eve Bar, he will cash in on the taxi fare plus a sweet 100€ bonus from the bar, at least 100€.Be cautious and be clear in your head when you step into a Viennese taxi nowadays.

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They will want to bring you to the places where they get the most commission.After a while of him trying to convince me I asked him straight up!“Man, how much are those bastards paying you to bring me over there!?!?!?!I know that many people do research before coming to Vienna and they already know where they will go to have a great time even before leaving.IT is not ok if some taxi driver screws you over and talks you out of it.

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