Single butzbach

This is what we assure you by guaranteeing 500 000 openings on the springs.The earliest records of the Butzbach family are found in Herborn, where Georg Butzbach was mentioned as a wool weaver 1573-1608. , who had a daughter Anna Elisabeth born in 1732) at death: from Langenscheid, zu Isselbach) Johann Peter married Anna Margaretha MANES Maria Margaretha was baptized in Langenscheid on . Occupation, Residence: Schreiner, Kirchenältester, Biebrich. confirmed, Habenscheid, 1724 (from Ruppach) On when Johann Hermann was 24, he married Anna Christina EBERTSHÄUSER, daughter of Johann Emanuel EBERTSHÄUSER & Anna Catharina, in Cramberg (Habenscheid).

("Prince Christian and his sister Victoria Charlotta" had been sponsors for her older brother, Christian Karl, born in December 1731, who eventually married the widow of another miller in the Rupbach and became the miller there. This is probably the Hans Butzbach in Herborn 1606-1613 who died before 1630, and probably also the father of three sons, Johannes (1605? The oldest son, Johann Georg, moved to Burgschwalbach, where he was married in 1669 and raised a family. One of his descendants, many generations later, emigrated to America, another to the Netherlands. In Langenscheid, Jost Hartmann Butzbach and most of his family were millers. Johann Anton (Dhoenges) was baptized in Langenscheid on . (guessing that this is the child born to Josthard Butzbach March 17, 1667. Jost Hartmann and Anna Catharina had 7 sons and 2 daughters. The second son, Johann Anton (Dhönges), died in 1690 at the age of 23. It is possible that Anna Catharina, died some time before 1706, after about 40 years of marriage, and Jost Hartmann, at the age of 61 married the widow of the miller at one of the Schaumburg mills on the Rupbach, further down the Lahn, across from Laurenburg, and had three more children. sp: Johann Jost Burg, Dietz/ Johann Tönges Trapp / Elisabeth Magdalena Weydenbach / Anna Schaub) 23.

Single butzbach

Johann Jost and Anna Maria had 7 children, including twins; the twins and another daughter died as infants. Their only son, Johann Wilhelm, was a miller -- possibly in Isselbach). In November 1747 their youngest child, Anna Catharina, born in January 1731, married Johann Karl Wilhelm Kalteyer, from Cramberg. EIther her mother or her father had died in 1736, when she was almost 6. 3, 1706, (Jost Butzbach, Langenscheid) when he was 61, to Catharina Elisabeth, widow of Barthol Bücking, Steinsberg)?? Single butzbach-66 ANCESTORS OF PETER BENDER: Johann Peter Butzbach's five children, born in Langenscheid and Geilnau, included only one son, Johann Georg, born in 1706. and have at least 3 children before she died in the Rupbach, March 21, 1727? ) In 1577 when Georg was 45, he married Magdalena Occupation, Residence: , Herborn (1626).(right parents?

they had a Johannes in 1578; he was married in 1603) According to Gensicke, there was a Hans Butzbach in Herborn 1606-1613, who died before 1630 In 1603? And the 1706 sponsor, himself, of Johann Georg and Anna Elisabeth's twins? possibly the husband of Catharina, the 1699 sponsor of Hans Georg's daughter (Wilhelm Butzbach, Dietz)? NOVOSPRINT Mono is a high speed door which rolls up the fabric of the door leaf automatically and without contact.It is the ideal solution for narrow passages or corridors, when there is not much space for installation or for turning door leaves.

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