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He defines the latter as “research projects in the social sciences and/or humanities attempt to bring truth and political engagement into alignment“ (Payne 1997: 118).

Craig Calhoun focuses on defining critical theory as a project that shows the difference between potentiality and actuality and argues for potential futures: Critical social theory “exists largely to facilitate a constructive engagement with the social world that starts from the presumption that existing arrangements – including currently affirmed identities and differences – do not exhaust the range of possibilities.

But these specifications do not suffice for speaking of critical theory.

Further characteristics need to be added in order to avoid for example that theories, which argue for right-wing extremist or nationalist goals, can be considered as critical.

Single forst

At Eupen it connected with the line to Herbesthal where it joined the Brussels-Cologne main line.So for example David Macey provides a definition that is circular, it defines critical by being critical without giving a further specification what it means to be critical.By critical theory he means “a whole range of theories which take a critical view of society and the human sciences or which seek to explain the emergence of their objects of knowledge“ (Macey 2001: 74).It was reported in 2008 that, with the Vennbahn no longer operational, Belgium might have to return the land the line runs along on to Germany, which would result in the reunification of the exclaves with German territory., southern part of Roetgen, and intervening forest (Forst Rötgen); west and south of Vennbahn trackbed.From 1922 to 1958, the center portion (between Grenzweg and a boundary with three turning points west of the Schleebach stream) was Belgian territory.

Single forst

For Horkheimer and his colleagues, critical theory “was a camouflage label for ‘Marxist theory’” (Wiggershaus 1994: 5) when they were in exile from the Nazis in the USA, where they were concerned about being exposed as communist thinkers and therefore took care in the categories they employed.First, there are definitions of critical theory that remain very vague and general.Second, there are definitions that are so specific that they only consider one approach or a few approaches as critical theories and exclude other approaches.So for example Rainer Forst gives a definition of critical theory that is clearly focusing on a strictly Habermasian project.At Trois-Ponts it connected with the Liège-Luxembourg line. The section of the line from Aachen to Monschau was opened on 30 June 1885.

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