Single hammock vs double

We bought simple canvas navy hammocks from the army-Navy store and slept out all summer long the whole time we were growing up. I've been hammocking for about 3 years now and this hammock strikes me as more of a backyard on a stand hammock, than a serious backpacking hammock.We kept changing things, modifying them to make them better and more comfortable. Personally, based on other reviews as well as this one, I think Thermarest should stick with making pads which is something they excel at.Here's an illustration I made up for you visual folks: No, I'm not very artistic.

This design is a take off of the old Navy hammocks. I used braided nylon cord woven from a 3 inch ring through about 13 grommets.If they want to get into the hammock world, they should start making underquilts, or even design a pad that is hammock specific.Help support this site by making your next gear purchase through one of the links above.I have owned dozens of hammocks and even made my own.I even designed though never made a hammock with an integral roof and no-see-um netting which could be also used as a stand alone tent.

Single hammock vs double

But compare it with another mainstream company, and you'll see the deficiency (For that matter compare a mainstream hammock to Dream Hammock, Clark, etc, and the mainstream is left behind.).Hammock Hanging 101 As I regularly encounter folks who don't know the optimal way to lie in a hammock, I thought I would start with a bit of tutorial.At $70, the Slacker is $10-$15 more expensive than comparable products from ENO and Grand Trunk. Single hammock vs double-86Single hammock vs double-43 This may be because the Slacker is sewn in the USA (made with domestic and imported materials).Most new hangers climb into a hammock and hang folded like a banana.

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