Single manning

that a Driver works Irregular shifts, and his case, in this respect, as indeed many others, has nothing in common with that of regular shift workers m outside industry.possible to be.We say that as no man under the special circumstances I have indicated in relation to the Footplateman's way of life, can be 100 per cent during the night hours~ we must maintain the confidence of the train crews and.

We cannot accept that this would in fact be necessary in the majority of cases.It has in fact been stated that a man who is regularly rostered on shift work is not affected by tiredness during the night time.Even if we accept this contention (which we do not), it has to be emphatically stressed.Clauses (iii), (IV) and (v) of our proposals on loose-coupled trains, concerning manning during night hours, physical needs break, and coupling and uncoupling, are, of course, in line with the arrangements governing other trains worked by locomotives. We contend that with the heavy concentration required, it is too much to ask a man to accept such a great responsibility outside the limitations we have suggested.To sit at the controls for a distance of up to 350 miles, concentrating on signals, gradients, speed restrictions and the like, including the controlling of the "dead man's pedal", is too much to ask of anyone man.there is no steam heating on the train. The Fireman or Second Man is a second pair of eyes to the Driver; he assists in the observation of signals and is in fact far more important to the safe working of the train than the Guard.prevail).

Single manning

(That is, of course, based on the proposals set out in Appendix "D" to the Minutes of the meeting held on Footplatemen are concerned.However, if we adopted the Railways' proposals on mileage limitation, the strain and effort required would, in our submission, be well-nigh unbearable for the men involved, and I am confident that they would develop an outlook which does not exist amongst these most conscientious men today. May I therefore draw attention to the fact that under such an arrangement it would be possible to utilise men from either of the two last-mentioned grades, both outside the Footplate line of promotion, on a journey of, say, a distance of up to 40, 50 or even more particular section of line, it is just not sensible on general grounds to have such an arrangement.I have had personal experience of working over long mileages and can assure you of the very great help and satisfaction obtained by a Driver from having a second pair of eyes to assist him In his arduous and most concentrated duties. Single manning-28Single manning-4Single manning-43 Here again the heavy physical and mental demands which I have just outlined apply with equal force.On this latter point we feel very strongly, because where authority is given to the local people to administer an agreement such as is suggested in the Railways' proposals, they are in fact prone to take the easy way out, and in connection with this matter would be inclined to roster many P. Breaks to commence before the third hour or to terminate after the fifth.

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that journey were worked in two stages by two successive Drivers, they would each require payment equal to 121/2 hours, and the cost to the Railways for that same mileage would be 25 hours' pay.

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GRIFFITHS: The claim I am submitting on behalf of my Society is for a Productivity Payment for all Footplate Staff.

Incidentally, may I remind the Court that the principle of the eight-hour day has been in operation since 1919 so far as my members are concerned.

The Management maintained that their evidence now differs from the information in their possession in 19.

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