Small single bedroom interior design

The built-in drawers were dressed with vintage brass pulls and sprayed in black lacquer while the tray, outfitted with drawer glides, was lit from the shelf above.

— Robert Stuart, owner, Robert Stuart Interiors Consider desks or bookcases that hang on the wall, which allow for more flexibility in your space planning.

Custom furniture, including a 10-inch-deep, built-in storage unit, utilizes every foot of space and eliminates the need for bulky dressers.

— Kimberley Seldon, designer and owner, Kimberley Seldon Design Group Choose a hero piece as the focal point for your room, like a bold upholstery pattern for the sofa.

— Sharon Tindell, chief merchandising officer, The Container Store We took an underutilized closet and turned it into a bar by lining it with faux croc wallpaper, then adding studs and a framed photo to the back of the door.By taking lamps off the table and floor and attaching them to the wall, you're making these areas way more functional and a lot freer. casual dating secret Hannover — Emily Henderson, designer, Emily Henderson Design and Target Home style expert One of the most practical but least-utilized spaces in the bedroom is under the bed.Most of these home plans have been built - many featuring with exterior and interior photography.These may be small house plans, but they are designed keeping efficient use of space in mind and to live a bit larger than their actual size.

Small single bedroom interior design

— Cortney Novogratz, designer, The Novogratz and star of HGTV's Home by Novogratz We maximized every inch of this small studio by utilizing the narrow entryway that houses a home office, a mini bar and a closet that hides the washer/dryer and pantry.— Sofia Joelsson, owner, So Jo Design Sconces can free up important real estate in small spaces.Then use a mix of quieter neutrals for the remaining furniture and walls to keep the space light and open. Small single bedroom interior design-43 — Danielle Kurtz, creative director, The Land of Nod Make use of otherwise wasted vertical space by creating extra storage on the back of a closet, pantry or mudroom door.I love to place them in corners or under side tables.

— Jodi Mc Kee, craft blogger and Pinterest influencer We were able to squeeze a large rectangular table into a small kitchen by utilizing the corner and creating a built-in banquette.

We therefore will protect our 1800 plan design copyrights from illegal infringements.

These light wool curtains run floor to ceiling, giving the window in this small bedroom a dramatic and spacious vibe.

Whether it's open or closed storage — or a combination of both — be sure to go as high as you can to maximize storage.

— Ginny Snook Scott, organization expert, California Closets Suspended light bulbs and an oversized photo mural keep desks free of lamps and photographs, while bunk beds provide extra space for kids to work and play.

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